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Morton Lane Federal Credit Union

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Home Equity LOC 5.25% APR* variable

We can help you put the equity you’ve built in your home to work for you.

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Car Loans 3.5% APR*

We can help you secure the money you need to purchase a new or new-to-you vehicle.

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Personal Loans 7.0% APR*

Need money to help with unexpected expenses?

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Debt Consolidation 7.0% APR*

We can help you combine all your debts into one, convenient monthly payment.

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VISA® Credit Card 8.25% APR*

You’ll get a fixed 8.25% APR, pay no annual fees, and have access to online account management.

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VISA® Debit Card

The most convenient card in your wallet gives you instant access to cash and hassle-free purchasing power.

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