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Morton Lane Federal Credit Union

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Personal Loans

Personal Loans in Buffalo, NY

During uncertain economic times, many people find themselves in a situation where they could use some financial assistance. Morton Lane Federal Credit Union proudly offers low-interest, affordable personal loan options and high quality, personable customer service in the Buffalo, NY area.

Personal loans are the most flexible type of loan as they are extended to an individual borrower but are not tied to any particular purchase or purpose. This type of loan is a safe and reliable way to meet your financial needs. Let our professional team help you find the best option to suit both your budget & your needs!

When you're ready to get started in applying for a personal loan contact us through our website, or stop in today! We're happy to help you with the entire process and answer any questions you may have.

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What Can Personal Loans Be Used For?

When it comes to personal loans, they are often used for unexpected expenses, though, the options are endless. Here is a list of instances where personal loans are most commonly used:

  • Consolidating Debt

  • Uninsured Medical Bills

  • Veterinary Bills

  • Home Repair or Renovation

  • Unexpected Emergencies

  • Education Payment

  • Car Purchases or Maintenance

  • Moving Expenses

  • Funeral Expenses

  • Vacations, Weddings, and Honeymoons


Apply For A Personal Loan

Click below for an all-in-one application.

Loan Application

Rates & Terms

Loan Rates as of 2/1/19:

Personal Loan

  • 5-year maximum term

  • Up to $9,999 at 8.00% APR, or $10,000 to 25,000 at 7.00%

Note: The loan rates stated above will be 1.00% more for members who do not repay their loan through payroll deduction.

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Tips to Apply for Personal Loans

Tip #1

All in one application is used to:

  1. Join the Morton Lane FCU and deposit $5 to open an account
  2. Fill out the Loan Application.
  3. Join the Morton Lane Charitable Foundation if you need to be added to a group and donate $10

Tip #2

Federal Credit Unions require that you belong to a group to join our credit union. Click here for a list of all of the groups.

Tip #3

If you do not already belong to one of our groups, choose Morton Lane Charitable Foundation from the drop-down menu and you will be added to that group by donating $10 at the end of the application.